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Useful Links

Application documents


www.lebenslaufdesigns.de - CV-design

http://www.bewerbung-ideal.de/ - tips for application documents

http://tabellarischer-lebenslauf.net/ - CV- example & template




http://www.eurograduate.com/planning.asp - European Graduate Career Guide

http://de.bab.la/phrasen/bewerbung/ - phrases for abroad

http://disco-tools.eu - translation-skills


www.focus.de - intelligence test

www.geva-institut.de - aptitude test

www.alpha-test.de - aptitude test 

www.hvbprofil.de - potential test



Helpful information about jobs and career

http://www.topofstyria.at/ - sales and employer rating of styrian enterprises

http://www.bildung-news.com/ - Information about the job interview

VIDEO: Erfolgreicher Elevator-Pitch

VIDEO: How to get a deal in 30 seconds

http://arbeit.oehunigraz.at/ - Information from the students council

http://www.oegmbt.at/ - Austrian Society of Biotechnology

Registers of companies

http://www.leitbetriebe.at - company index

http://www.kununu.com/ - employer rating

http://www.glassdoor.com - Insider knowledge of international companies

Blogs: Job entrance and career

http://weblog.careesma.at/ - Careesma Career Blog 
http://www.karriere.at/blog/ - Blog of karriere.at

Educational institutions & further education

www.uniforlife.at - further education
http://www.bmwf.gv.at - links to other universities
http://univie.ac.at - University of Vienna 
http://www.donau-uni.ac.at - University Krems
http://www.postgraduate.at - post graduate database
http://www.bit.at - BIT (Best in Training)
http://www.bfi.at - BFI (Berufsförderungsintitut)
http://www.vhs.at - adult education center of austria
http://ec.europa.eu/eures - jobs in europe
http://www.mba.de/ - search machine for MBA und Masterprogram


Grants & scholarships

www.grants.at - stipend and grants

http://graz.iaeste.at/ - internship

www.stipendium.de - association ABSOLVENTA

http://www.kfj.at/- internship at austrian medias

http://www.oead.at/- mobility programs

www.kursfoerderung.at - sponsorship for further education



Further Career Services of Austrian Universities

http://portal.tugraz.at/portal/ - TU Graz Career Service
http://www.uni-klu.ac.at/uniservices/inhalt/1534.htm  - Unversity of Klagenfurt Job Service
www.uniport.at - Uniport (Uni Wien)
http://www.zbp.at/ - ZBP Career Center (WU Wien)
www.alumni.boku.ac.at - Alumniverband BOKU Vienna
http://alumni.uibk.ac.at - Alumni University of Innsbruck

Information regarding to Doctorate

Voluntary service



Career Center
Geidorfgürtel 21/1 8010 Graz
Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 1039
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9175

Mo – Fr by arrangement
Speed Counselling:
every Mo between 9 and 12 a.m. (without arrangement)

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