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Job application and career entry

This consulting services are aimed at the preparation of your application documents as well as support regarding the preparation for a job interview.


At some point, there is always a first time - it's the same with  writing your application documents. Or your documents (resume and letter of motivation, also called cover letter) no longer meet the current standards? Very good application documents are a necessary prerequisite for being invited to an interview in the first place.

During an analysis of your application documents, you will find new ideas and suggestions for improvement together with the consultant.


You currently do not have the opportunity to come to the Career Center in person to have your application reviewed? Then send us your documents by e-mail (in Word format), we will be happy to give you suggestions for optimization.

Info: To ensure that your documents are reviewed and returned on time, please send them to us at least 2 days before the actual submission deadline.

A simulation of a job interview is effective for you if you have an appointment in your pocket in the foreseeable future.  The consultation or simulation is individually tailored to you - or to the job you want.
During the simulation, you will be asked "classic" questions as well as "surprising" ones, and you will be able to test your demeanor and stamina.
After the simulation, each individual question as well as the "framework" will be analyzed and questions clarified.
Of course, we can also inform you about the "do`s and don`t`s" of job interviews without simulation.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Even if the application documents already provide a lot of information about the person: Almost every employer searches online for further details about suitable candidates.

In this consultation, we discuss the sensible use of online profiles in a professional context, go through your existing online profiles together or discuss how you can use professional online networks such as LinkedIn and XING for your professional positioning in the future. Together we will determine which information about yourself is suitable to be shared online in the context of the application phase.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Letters of reference - for example, for a stay abroad or a scholarship - often have to be written by yourself and prepared for reference providers. At the Career Center you will receive support in writing such letters.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

We are happy to address your individual questions and requests, such as developing a rough strategy for your successful job search, creating a self-presentation for an interview and beyond.



Please note that the consultations are only free for students and graduates of the University of Graz.
Please indicate your field of study(s) so that we can prepare more precisely for your consultation!

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