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Study and part-time job

In these advisory services, we address how you can specifically look for internships or a part-time job and support you in your decision-making regarding career entry after your bachelor's degree.


In many fields of study, an internship is already mandatory, but even beyond that it makes sense to gain initial work experience in the context of a part-time job or internship in order to score points with these competencies at the end of your studies and increase your chances of getting a fulltime job. Together with you, we will discuss possible fields of work, where to look for suitable jobs and give you tips for your application documents. In addition, we are happy to support you in preparing for the job interview or a personal first contact with possible employers.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

For: Bachelor and master students from the 1st semester onwards

In the decision-making phase just before completing your bachelor's degree, it is often helpful to receive supportive questions that more clearly define your desired path. We support you in finding a suitable solution for yourself to the following possible questions:

- Do I want to continue studying, or would I rather enter the professional world?
- Should I take a gap year?
- What major/master's degree(s) would make sense for my future?
- What are my career goals?

Duration: approx.. 1 Stunde

For: Bachelor students from the 4th semester


Please note that the consultations are only free for students and graduates of the University of Graz.
Please indicate your field of study(s) so that we can prepare more precisely for your consultation!

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