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Application documents

Professionally designed application documents are the key to success!

It only takes 30 seconds before an application folder lands on the stack "unusable"! Curriculum vitae and photo are primarily crucial. If you write an application, you should start with the CV. The letter serves as a supplement to the curriculum vitae. It is therefore helpful to start with the wording only when the application is complete.

Read the most important tips here (in German only) and / or use a free personal consultation in the Career Center!

Examples and information

Here are practical tips for creating your documents, as well as sample templates to use as a guide!

!German only!

Here are some key cover letter writing tips summarized in our career guide:

To give you the best possible support, you can also view different formats here to get ideas for your own formatting:

!German only!

To make your resume professional, you can use the tips in our Career Guide as a guide:

Here are some suggestions for formatting:

When writing an academic resume, you can use this example as a guide:

!German only!

Creating a third page is usually quite difficult at first. In our career guide we explain how it works:

Here you will also find examples of what a third page could look like:

For applications abroad, documents often have to be sent in English. Here are some examples of how these can be formatted:

Short résumés are often used in the US:


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